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The critic Lloyd brown is analyzing the story a Raisin in the Sun. Saying that Lorraine Hansberry the author uses irony to explore the ambiguities of the American dream , He states that Lorraine Hansberry has become a controversial writer between black extremist and white liberalist but on the other hand finds the story to be artistic. He also depicts a poem written by Langston Hughes used in Hansberry story. As well as analyzing the story Brown relates the story to the real world explaining “the younger’s poverty is obvious enough there deprivations exposes the gap between the American dream and the Black American reality”. He also explains how a character in the story named Asagai represents the idealistic embodiment of a certain type of self esteem Hansberry is trying to get across. I believe Brown gets his point across very clearly about Lorraine Hansberry as an Ironist.

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This article is about the Chicago Literary Renaissance which lasted form 1912-1925 it list some of the writers including Sherwood Anderson and Floyd Dell with others as well . In the article it says the writers “depicted the contemporary urban environment condemning the loss of traditional rural values in the increasingly industrialized and materialistic American society”. It also states that they mourned romantic promises and believed that hard work would bring spiritual reward. Most of the writers were all from the Midwest which had some type of impact on their writing styles. Also apart of da renaissance was the Little Theatre being established in Chicago which was outlet for young upcoming writers. The writings of poetic epithas Spoon River Anthology,Sandburgs Chicago Poems, and Anderson’s Winesburg Ohio marked the peak of the Chicago Renaissance. I found this article not useful to my research for my book it mentioned nothing about the book nor the authour.
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This article is about Lorraine Hansberry the Authour of my book A Raisin in the Sun. She was born May 19,1930 in Chicago , Ilinois . Her fathers role in the NAACP had an a strong and firm impact on her as a child. She often experienced threats from people because of her familys involvement with the NAACP. She later became involved in the civil Rights and was the editor of Freedom. But later resigned to pursue play writing . In 1957 she completed her first play A Raisin in the Sun which was a immiditate succes. With the production of A Raisin in the Sun Hansberry won and had many accomplishments such as being the first black woman to have her work produced on Broadway. She also won the Drama Critics Cicle awar which she was the first black and youngest to do so. She also wrote many other plays in her career such as Les Blancas, and The sign in Sidney Brustien’s Window. She also contiuned her involvement in the Civil rights movment while battling cancer and soon died on January 12,1965 that night The sign in Sidney Brustien’s Window was closing after 101 consecutive performances this article was helpful to my research because it shows how influential she was in literature.
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This article is about Lorraine Hansberry and how she should be recongnized as a revolutionary, a political activist , and of intellectual of uncompromising intergrity. She was born on the southside of Chicgo on May 19, 1930. She was the youngest of four her family was involved in national black culture as well as politcal circles. Her father was involved in the NAACP and the Urban League. She later attented the University of Wisconsin but then left to New York to pursue a writing career . While in New York she wrote for a radical black newspaper called Freedom. In 1957 Hansberry then completed a play whose title she had taken from one of Langston Huges pomes called Harlem. The name of her play was called A Raisin in the Sun. The play had a huge impact on America and was the first play on Broadway by a black female playwright the play ran for 558 performances and won a variety of awards . She also wrote many other plays such as Les Blancas and The Sign in Sidney Brustiens’s Window. Later in her life she suffred a paralyzing stroke as well as losing her eye sight and lost her speech. 6 months later she died on January 12, 1965.
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This article is about the story A Raisin in the Sun.The article just gives a summary and plot of the story as well as some character anylasis and act summaries as well . In the plot it tells the overall mainpoints in the story which is bascially about the Younger family that lives on the south side of Chicago. The family is given a check for a loss of a family member and do not know what to do with the money. The whole family has different ideas for the money which causes tension between family members. The money causes all this greif and unwanted tension and then finally they find a good use for the money and try to move on in life. The character analysis just describes each character and gives specific details about them. Also in this article is act by act descrptions that give u a summary of each act in the story as well. This article is useful to give u a description about the story and background of It as well.
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This article is about the Chicago Renaissance the article gives you a list of authours and stories they have writtten about one authour being Lorraine Hansberry who Wrote A Raisin in the Sun . Further on in the article it describes the background of the Renaissance which started in the 1920’s and ended somtime in the 1950’s . The term Chicago Renaissnce was created by a sociologist named Richard Boone. The Renaissnce was very similar to the Harlem Renissance that took place a few years before the Chicago Renaissance. The reason for the Renissance was due to the Great Migration that took place. Many writers viewed the Great migration as a mirrior of the orginal migration from Africa. The Renaissance included writers such as Margret Walker , Lorraine Hansberry, and Theodore Ward. Most of these writers expressed there fellings for the Great migration and the positon of black America.Literary produced by black writers during the renissance was highly political reflecting there social concerns. This article gives a very descriptive background of the Chicago Reniassnce and was very useful as well.
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This Article is about Lorraine Hansberry and her play A Raisin in the Sun . The article talks about her story which opend up wen she was twenty nine which opend up at Ethel Barrymore theatre on March 11 1959 . The play won many awards such as the New York Dramas Critic Award. As well as the Tony award for best musical of the year in 1974. The article then goes on to talk about the plot of the story which was about a family that encounters ten thousand dollars after someone dies in the family. The family members all have different motives for using the money which causes lots of contreversy . But soon resolve there issues and find use to be happy. The play was described as a domestic play because of the contrevery between family members . The story was named after Langstons Huges poem Harlem

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This article is a critical essay about A Raisin in the Sun . The paly opened on broadeway in 1959 the creator of the paly is Lorraine Hansberry who died in 1965 at age thrity-four. In the article it says “some critics saw the play as a protest play or a social drama about a Black family’s struggle to but a house in a white neighbor hood” . Some critics also saw the play as a dissapointment because of this . Although the articl also says some people saw the play as a work of art that contains “ Universally American Themes”. Also in the article in explains how a character in the story is misunderstud in the story. The article also says that Hansberry regarded the lack of a central character as a flaw in the story. It also states that one of the character is strong, aggressive,ambitious because in the story he wass tryin to reach for the complete American Dream. Viewers of the story can also be moved by a tragic hero who is elevated by his growth from ignorance to knowledege . At the end of the article it says that Hansberry art was distinguishing and had a enduring value. It also says she illutrated he ability to discover the basis of the universal hope.
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This article is a critcal essay about A Raisin in the Sun. The authour of this article Gerald Weales examines the plays dramatic qualities and describes how it won the New York Drama Critics Award in 1959. He said one of the factors that contributed to it winning the award was whenever a playwright who is not experinced goes on Broadway or to a play is very unusual and is very special. He also states that her winning this award made her a hero in the black community and example of what blacks can do and be in the United States. Weales also describes the play as being genuinely funny and touching in some scenes in the play. He also says that the story deserved the Critics Award jus asm much as any other play during that time. He also said although the play had some imperfections its basic strength lies in a character with a problem that transceded with being black. He also says that this is the type of play that demand that naturalism Hansberry used. He also says that this is Hansberrys first play and that it was very good. But he also says that although it was the best play of the year the American Theatre was somewhat weak at the time.